Art File Submission & Guidelines

Graphic Design Services

Whether you need to create a new label or update existing artwork, ID Technology has professional in-house graphic artists to assist you. From free consultation to final creation, our artists will guide you to optimal design and label construction.

If you would like to submit your own artwork for your labels, our design and file requirements are shown below.

Specifications and Upload for Sending Us Your Label Artwork Files

General design and print specifications are outlined below. Requirements outside of these parameters may be accommodated upon request:

  • Minimum Positive Type Size: 4.0pt
  • Minimum Reverse Type Size: 4.4pt
  • Minimum Positive Line / Stroke Size: 0.5pt
  • Minimum Reverse Line / Stroke Size: 1.0pt
  • Minimum Bleed: 0.0625” outside of dieline
  • Screens Minimum: 1% to avoid dot drop-off
  • Screens Maximum: 75% to avoid dot fill-in

UPC Barcodes

  • Barcode Minimum Size: 80%
  • Barcode Width Reduction (BWR) -0.0015"

Art files created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) are preferred.

The following file types are also accepted:

  • .psd
  • .ind
  • .pdf
  • .eps


Please include all font libraries when submitting art files or outline/convert all text contained within the artwork to paths.


Please save all images in CYMK mode. 300dpi resolution or higher is required at full image size. Please include the original image file(s) when submitting artwork.

Images saved in .psd format are preferred; however, .tif, .jpeg, and .eps files can also be utilized. If the image(s) cannot be provided as links, please ensure they are embedded within the main art file before submission.

Submitting Artwork

Add your Company name and Purchase Order number in the message body and any additional instructions.

Enter password idtechnology.

Choose up to five files to upload.

Click on SendThis File.

Notify your Customer Service Representative that the file was sent.