The ID Technology Advantage

With our eight label manufacturing facilities across North America, and extensive production capabilities, we're uniquely positioned to provide additional benefits not found in other label producers.

When you consider the total of the labels you're buying to apply to your products and packaging, it's not just the cost of the labels themselves. Additional factors contribute to the overall investment you're making and can have an unforeseen impact on your operations that actually make your labels quite expensive.

So, what do your current labels really cost you?

  • They cost you unnecessary downtime due to poor adhesion or jamming your equipment.
  • They cost you additional freight expense due to distance when shipped to your location.
  • They cost the environment due to additional carbon emissions from that longer travel distance.
  • They cost you retailer chargeback fines due to poor barcode quality or adhesion.

ID Technology will help you mitigate those unforeseen and unneeded costs due to your current underperforming labels. With our eight label manufacturing facilities across North America, and extensive production capabilities, we're uniquely positioned to provide additional benefits not found in other label producers.

What Do Your Labels Really Cost?

Don’t Let Your Labels
Bring You Down.

Quality Labels for Maximizing Uptime

Unplanned downtime is one of the killers of efficiency in your packaging operation, so everything we do at ProMach Labeling & Coding is planned to keep downtime to a minimum. Our labels, whether printed for prime packaging or blank labels for your logistics and secondary packaging, are engineered to match your application completely.

✅ The correct material and adhesive combination for the application conditions is crucial to keep your labeling systems operating at peak efficiency. As one of the largest manufacturers of pressure-sensitive labels, we have access to a wide range of material options.

✅ Web breakage caused by poor die-cutting is a significant cause of labeler downtime. ID Technology labels are expertly die-cut and trimmed, with multiple inspections during manufacturing to ensure consistency.

✅ Maximize the number of labels per roll – ID Technology AutoSeries EX labels provide 20% more per roll, reducing line stoppages for label replenishment.

✅ When using thermal transfer labels – ID Technology label/ribbon kits are matched in length to also reduce the number of line stoppages for adding new print media.

National Footprint.
Local Presence.

Closer to You for Reduced Shipping Time and Expense

Freight can often be a large part of your overall label costs, especially when labels have to be shipped over long distances from the point of manufacture.

ID Technology is always close to our customers, with eight label production plants located across North America.

✅ Reducing shipping distances means lower freight costs and reduced total labeling costs.

✅ Shipping times are reduced, getting your labels to your plant faster and reducing the need for expensive express shipping.

✅ Every single one of our label production facilities can produce 12″ and 14″ OD label rolls for use in high-speed, auto-apply applications. We’re the specialists in this area – with a reach and capabilities no other label producer can claim.

Minimizing Impact
for Maximum Returns.

Proactive Solutions to Environmental Impact

Our label solutions help maximize your bottom line and reduce the environmental impact of the labels you use.

From our innovative label constructions that reduce waste to our regional manufacturing that lowers freight miles and emissions, ID Technology is your partner for helping the environment.

✅ Utilizing our direct thermal labels, rather than thermal transfer, for secondary packaging labeling avoids rolls of used ribbon being sent to landfills.

✅ The AutoSeries EX labels have a thinner liner – again, a reduction in waste and landfill content.

✅ When using AutoSeries EX labels, more labels per roll means fewer pallets to ship, manage, and store. Good for the environment and your margins.

✅ Fewer and shorter distance deliveries reduce the overall carbon footprint from transportation.

Cleaner Lines.
Reduced Fines.

Higher Barcode Quality to Mitigate Retailer Chargebacks

Labeling is integral to keeping your retailer partners happy and ensuring your product shipments are received accurately and in line with all order requirements.

Chargebacks from retailers can be expensive, and non-conformance can damage important relationships. Using ID Technology labels provides the means to minimize any risks associated with meeting customer and industry mandates.

✅ Correct choices of face stock and adhesive materials provide the basis for high-quality labeling of your prime products.

✅ For secondary packaging, label orientations that offer the best barcode quality and equipment comfortably handle throughput requirements and labeling accuracy to ensure your shipment gets from your plant to your customer’s store shelves with no problems.

✅ ID Technology’s Control Application, based on the NiceLabel platform, ensure your products are correctly coded with the right date/lot coding and all barcode data is correct.

Added Value Features

At ID Technology, we build extra value into every roll of labels we produce - all designed to make things easier for your operators and help your productivity.

Clear Leading
and Trailing Liner

This might sound simple, but it's a concept that can save your line operators a lot of time and aggravation.

When threading labels onto a labeling system, the operator must often peel off 2 or 3 feet of labels to create a label-free liner length to thread through the machine. If this is not done, labels can get stuck in the print engine or on the rollers.

This is time-consuming and often leads to labels on the floor or stuck on your equipment.

ID Technology labels can be supplied with the leading part of the liner clear of labels, saving the operator from having to remove labels and reducing the time needed to load labels onto your labeling equipment.

The same concept is used on the trailing end of the label roll.

The end of the label web is usually attached to the core with adhesive tape. Removing the labels from the last section of liner material ensures that there is no danger of the tape (possibly with cardboard material from the core, being pulled through the printer.

Specially Designed
Cleaning Wipes

On your print and apply labeler, keeping the print engine and rollers clean is essential to protecting your investment and ensuring good print quality.

Unlike alcohol wipes typically used for cleaning print heads and rollers the wipes produced by ID Technology are specifically designed to remove the adhesive and dirt that build up on the print heads and rollers of printer applicators.

We provide our cleaning wipes with each case of premium labels, So the operator can quickly clean the printer and rollers at the ideal time. You can also purchase the wipes by the box as needed.

Label Packaging
for Added Protection

When we ship your labels, we want to be sure they will arrive in the best possible condition.

Labels are packaged with plastic wrap inside the corrugated shipping case to protect them from the damaging effects of moisture and humidity, avoiding poor release, dispense and adhesion issues.

Print head cleaning wipes, usually one per case, are placed on top for easy access by the operator.

Thermal Transfer
Label & Ribbon Kits

Traditionally, rolls of thermal transfer labels and ribbons have been of unequal length - causing additional downtime to replenish the media or wasting materials if changed simultaneously.

ID Technology label and ribbon kits solve this problem, but packaging labels and ribbons in the cartons of the correct length to minimize downtime for replenishment.

The ribbon rolls are supplied at twice the length of the label rolls so that the ribbon has to be changed at every other stop for labels, with no intermediate stops needed.

This can greatly reduce downtime on your packaging line - helping you meet your productivity goals.

Of course, ID Technology cleaning wipes are provided with the label and ribbon kits.

Label Load
Direction Indicator

For added convenience and efficiency, each roll of labels is sealed with a custom roll load direction indicator.

This feature is formulated with a special removable adhesive and saves time by preventing errors when labels are being loaded onto a print & apply labeling system.


ID Technology Advantage is Right for Your Operations and Bottom Line

With multiple production locations and added-value solutions, ID Technology ensures that your labels provide you with everything your product needs while helping reduce downtime and overall costs, avoiding chargebacks from customers, all while adding to your labeling, productivity and sustainability success.