Durable & Industrial Labels

High performance labels designed for adherence in extreme environments – including chemical and solvent exposure, high or low temperatures, moisture, dust, dirt, or other challenging operational spaces.

ID Technology provides durable labels that will perform in extreme environment applications – such as chemical and solvent exposure, high temperatures, moisture, abrasion, freezing temperatures, UV rays, paint, oil, dirt – and stick to just about anything for as long as your application requires.

  • Our most popular materials include Kimdura, Kapton/Polyimide, Polyester, and Valeron.
  • The right size, shape, color, and durability all in one label for efficiency and reliability.
  • Pre-printed with areas for variable data to be printed on demand.
  • Full-color, protective over-lamination, die cut for your brand image.
  • Security labels for anti-counterfeiting, warranty support, traceability and labeling compliance.

ID Technology polyester and polyimide labels are particularly suitable for use in the electronics and aviation industries. They are designed to be able to handle conditions found in manufacturing so they can be printed and applied at the start of the process to provide complete traceability.


Labels for

For demanding applications such as electronics and circuit board manufacturing, we produce labels that can handle the harsh conditions found in these industries.

✅ Pre-printed and blank labels for electronics applications.

✅ Polyimide (Kapton) and polyester labels for solvent and temperature resistance.

✅ Labels that meet industry UL specifications.

Labels for
Chemical Products

For chemical products, ID Technology produces a range of label types for both industrial and consumer applications.

✅ Chemical and solvent-resistant labels.

✅ Labels for GHS (Globally Harmonized System) compliance.

✅ Blank and shell durable labels for thermal transfer printing.

Labels for
Harsh Environments

When you need labels that will perform in challenging conditions, such as the cold and damp environments found in the protein, dairy and other industries, ID Technology has you covered.

✅ Labels with freezer-grade adhesive for application in cold areas.

✅ Synthetic label stocks designed to withstand damp conditions.

✅ AutoSeries EX labels with additional labels per roll to minimize operator interventions in difficult areas