Labels for Small Volume Production

Fast and cost-effective labels on various substrates, including flexibility for adding both fixed and variable information in a single run.

Ideal for small-volume production, digital printing transfers a digital art file directly onto a label substrate without using a fixed image plate or engraved print cylinder. Digital printing technology allows for fast and cost-effective printing on various substrates. Additionally, since no intermediary plates or cylinders are required, upfront pre-press costs tend to be lower than flexographic printing.

Digital printing technology gives product manufacturers more flexibility to manage their label requirements. Traditionally, digital production runs were only cost-effective cost for lower order quantities, but modern digital printing is often effective for printing larger orders, especially if they consist of multiple SKUs since copy changes are very fast with digital labels.

ID Technology operates multiple HP Indigo digital label printing systems at our locations in North America.


Efficiency and Speed

✅ Digital printing reduces setup time, with a completely digital workflow and no printing plates needed, enabling fast setup for your print jobs and the ability to have complete control of the artwork, from design to finished label.

✅ The digital process is ideal for applications where multiple SKUs need to be produced on the same label material, with downtime between SKUs virtually eliminated.

✅ Digital printing can enable short turn-around times and is ideal for prototyping new products, possibly switching to flexo labels as your demand grows.


With no need for flexographic printing plates to be produced, using digital for your labels often reduces initial charges for your label orders.

✅ Faster set-up time (with less wasted material in the process) is factored into our pricing, providing cost-effective labels with all the advantages of using digital.

✅ Small print quantities that might not be competitive on flexo presses can often be run on digital in an economic way.

Variable Information

✅ Digital printing systems are ideal for adding variable information to your labels.

✅ Variable text, graphics and barcodes can be printed at the same time as the main label print.

✅ An ideal way to add GS1 Digital Link barcodes to your products.