AutoSeries EX Labels

Labels that improve your productivity, performance, and sustainability.

AutoSeries EX is an innovative label product line from ID Technology designed to enhance your print and apply labeling for secondary packaging and logistics.

Utilizing a smoother and denser liner, AutoSeries EX labels improve productivity, performance, and sustainability – all while using the same proven face sheet materials and adhesive weights, ensuring there is no compromise on printing or application performance.

AutoSeries EX material is available for both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing and in standard paper and synthetics.


Productivity & Performance

✅ 20% more labels per roll - less downtime for label replenishment.

✅ Fewer operator interventions are needed during your production runs.

✅ The thinner, denser liner ensures ultra-consistent die cutting - reducing packaging line printing problems, such as web breakage.


✅ More labels per roll means fewer pallets to ship - lower costs and carbon footprint reduction.

✅ Landfill waste reduction (approximately 30%) by using the AutoSeries EX thinner liner.

✅ Using direct thermal AutoSeries EX labels further reduces waste - no used thermal ribbons to dispose of.

Increase Your Productivity and Sustainability

Using AutoSeries EX labels for your secondary packaging and pallet labeling is an excellent way to take advantage of improved productivity and sustainability while enjoying the many added-value features available with ID Technology labels.

Contact your local ID Technology representative to learn more about the advantages of AutoSeries EX labels.