Added Value Label Features

Labels are not all the same.

ID Technology brings several added value features to our labels, all designed to ensure better performance on your packaging lines.

Clear Leaders and Trailers

This might sound simple, but it's a concept that can save your line operators a lot of time and aggravation.

When threading labels onto a labeling system, the operator must often peel off 2 or 3 feet of labels to create a label-free liner length to thread through the machine. If this is not done, labels can get stuck in the print engine or on the rollers.

This is time-consuming and often leads to labels on the floor or stuck on your equipment.

ID Technology labels can be supplied with the leading part of the liner clear of labels, saving the operator from having to remove labels and reducing the time needed to load labels onto your labeling equipment.

The same concept is used on the trailing end of the label roll.

The end of the label web is usually attached to the core with adhesive tape. Removing the labels from the last section of liner material ensures that there is no danger of the tape (possibly with cardboard material from the core, being pulled through the printer.

ID Technology Cleaning Wipes

On your print and apply labeler, keeping the print engine and rollers clean is an essential part of protecting your investment and ensuring good print quality.

Unlike alcohol wipes typically used for cleaning print heads and rollers the wipes produced by ID Technology are specifically designed to remove the adhesive and dirt that build up on the print heads and rollers of printer applicators.

We provide our cleaning wipes with each case of premium labels, So the operator can quickly clean the printer and rollers at the ideal time. You can also purchase the wipes by the box as needed.

Packaging for Labels

Labels are packaged with plastic wrap inside the corrugated shipping case to protect them from the damaging effect of moisture and humidity, avoiding poor release, dispense and adhesion issues.

Print head cleaning wipes, usually one per case, are placed on top for easy access by the operator.

Thermal Transfer Label & Ribbon Kits

Traditionally, rolls of thermal transfer labels and ribbons have been of unequal length - causing additional downtime to replenish the media or wasting materials if changed simultaneously.

ID Technology label and ribbon kits solve this problem, but packaging labels and ribbons in the cartons of the correct length to minimize downtime for replenishment.

The ribbon rolls are supplied at twice the length of the label rolls so that the ribbon has to be changed at every other stop for labels, with no intermediate stops needed.

This can greatly reduce downtime on your packaging line - helping you meet your productivity goals.

Of course, ID Technology cleaning wipes are provided with the label and ribbon kits.

Removable Wind Direction Indicator

For added convenience and efficiency, each roll of labels is sealed with a custom roll wind indicator.

This feature is formulated with a special removable adhesive and saves time by preventing errors when labels are being loaded onto a print & apply labeling system.

No more loading the labels onto your labeling machine, only to find out they are backwards.


To ensure your labeling equipment operates at peak performance, constant labels are essential.

Some ways ID Technology ensures this include:

Consistent Label Liner.
Changes in the density of the label liner can cause problems for the label gap sensor, resulting in erratic labeling. ID Technology uses the exact same liner material for all your label orders, helping you achieve the most consistent labeling every time.

Precision Die-cutting and Edge Trim.
How your labels are produced can have a dramatic effect on labeling performance.
If the die-cutting is too deep, cutting into the liner, or not deep enough, problems can manifest on your packaging line, from labels failing to peel to the label web breaking.

ID Technology has invested in the most up-to-date label finishing technology to provide you with labels with excellent die-cutting and trim control for every roll.