Household Chemicals and Cleaners

Labels for the Household Chemicals Industries

If you package products for household chemicals or cleaning products, you'll know that your labeling serves multiple functions.

  • It carries your brand marketing message, so it has to look good and differentiate your brand from competitors.
  • The labeling needs to carry usage instructions for your consumer.
  • In many cases, the labeling has to include product safety and warning information.

At ID Technology, we make labels for your prime packaging, from glass cleaner to paint to brake fluid - all from our seven label manufacturing plants in North America.

We also provide labels for both your secondary and tertiary packaging - with added-value features to enhance productivity and simplify things for the operators on your packaging lines.

Typical Applications Include:
  • Prime packaging labels in large or small production quantities
  • GHS and warning labels to keep you in compliance with the OSHA rules
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels for your secondary packaging.
  • Labels for pallets and other logistics units


Digital and Flexo Labels for Prime Packaging

Labels for Secondary Packaging, and GHS Warning

Labels for Pallets and Other Logistics Units