RFID Labels

RFID labeling can play a large role in improving traceability in inventory control and logistics.

ID Technology has several well proven RFID solutions.

Traveler Labels for Defense Contractors.

100’s of defense contractors have been using our RFID traveler labels to get into compliance with the RFID part of the MIL-STD-129 Department of Defense mandate.

The label is made of synthetic material, making it more robust and less prone to damage than traditional paper labels. The RFID read-range is improved as well – much better probability of the tags being read at the first attempt.

The labels are encoded and printed at our plant and delivered ready to use.

We’ve also made the label a little smaller. The idea behind the traveler label is that the larger part (with the RFID tag) is adhered to the product that is being shipped and the smaller part is then fixed to the paperwork (or traveler).

Blank and Printed RFID Labels

For many years, ID Technology has supplied blank UHF and HF RFID labels, ready for you to print and encode on your RFID enabled label printer.

In addition, we can also produce flexo printed RFID labels, in up to eight colors.

RFID Labels