Promotional Coupons

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Many companies in California are looking for effective ways to market their products and increase sales.

In many cases, custom printed coupons or tickets can help with this - regardless of whether the information is static or variable (such as uniquely barcoded coupons or tickets).

Our printing capabilities at our Fresno printing plant (and our five others in North America) and expertise ensures that your custom coupons or event tickets not only do the job but present your business in the best possible way.

We can take your artwork and create event ticketing in a variety of formats, such as rolls or fanfolded. Select from gloss, matte, or thermal materials in a variety of gorgeous colors containing variable or consecutive barcodes and text. Sports tickets, ski passes, or theme park passes are examples of some of the event ticketing applications we provide.

Create custom IRC coupons to promote special offers, discounts or rebates for your products. Interactive labels come in a wide range of sizes and we can customize to suit your particular promotion.

We provide digital printing or flexographic labels with linear or 2D barcodes, text, and images – perfect for tickets, promotions, and many other applications.

ID Technology can also provide application equipment to ensure your coupons are applied to your products accurately and efficiently, every time.

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EPI Flex-pac labeling system

EPI Flex-Pac Labeling system[/caption]

Our EPI Flex-Pac labeling system, for example, is designed to integrate with your vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine to apply labels and multi-part coupons right onto your packaging film. Other labeling systems can apply labels and coupons to just about every product type.

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Flex-Pac labeler for flexible packaging

Some Flex-Pac Labeling Applications[/caption]

So whether you are located in California or anywhere else, and need to source high quality coupons or tickets, get in touch with ID Technology today.