Packaged Frozen Food

Specialty labels made for Frozen Food Products and use in frigid environments include:

  • High quality prime labels.
  • Blank-thermal labels for nutrition labels.
  • Any shape and for all product surface types.
  • Proven performance in condensation, changes in temperature.

Freezer labels face a variety of challenges; they must adhere to different packaging materials, withstand extreme temperatures, and remain readable throughout the package’s life. The cold air, frost, and moisture in a freezer environment can make labeling your frozen food products difficult.

In addition to the environment, also consider when the label will be applied to the package. Will you label at room temperature, cold temperature, or when the product is frozen? And will your label, carefully designed to your specifications and containing important FDA-mandated information, remain attractive and readable throughout packing, shipping, and storing?

Our labels offer excellent performance in freezer applications:

  • Adhesives withstand extreme temperatures and condensation
  • Quality print processes and durable label materials means label remains readable
  • Our print capabilities allow your logos, text, and other branding information to shine on the packaging

ID Technology offers frozen food manufacturers a range of solutions from inkjet and laser coders for coding variable data such as barcodes, lot codes and expiration dates in difficult processing environments. Our labeling solutions include pre-printed labels or print and apply labels onto frozen or wet packaging that will enhance brand appeal.