Labeling For Defense

Department of Defense contracts are calling for compliance with labeling specifications under MIL-STD-130 and MIL-STD-129 designed to improve inventory and tracking of essential military supplies and shipments.

If you supply goods directly to the DoD or a supplier in Texas and the original government contract calls for specific labeling of pallets, cartons and products, getting these labels done right and on time are critical to avoiding delays, penalties, or loss of contract for non-compliance. Deadlines are being enforced, and regulation details are numerous.

Local Texas Support For MIL-STD-130/UID, MIL-STD-129/RFID Labels and Tags

We will work with you to ensure your labels pass DCMA inspection, help you optimize data management workflow and meet tough deadlines with our products and services:

  • Print/encode on-demand with label printing and encoding systems, including verifiers, barcode scanners and auto apply equipment.
  • Our pre-print service ensures you get 100% compliance UID labels, dataplates, pre-printed and encoded RFID smart-tags and traveler labels. Every lot comes with a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Software solutions to simplify data submission to the UID Registry and WAWF.
  • On-site repair and maintenance for your barcode printers, label applicators, and equipment.

Additional Resources

Our eBooks will guide you through each of the Standards in an easy-to-read format, designed to simplify the compliance process:

Labeling For Defense