Healthcare and Lab

medical equipment

Throughout Northeast USA, there are some of the most impressive medical care facilities and processing and research labs. Our Nashua, NH office provides products and local services to ensure reliable barcode and labeling identification systems.

ID Technology-Nashua, NH Services The Healthcare Industry

  • Accurately identify patients, laboratory samples, test results, and patient records.
  • Secure and effective labels that withstand exposure to chemicals, blood, moisture, and extreme temperatures found in blood labs and testing facilities.
  • Meet the printing demands of hospitals and laboratories with compact thermal transfer printers complete with repair maintenance services for accuracy and reliability.
  • Label and identify specimens, patient records, files or other data at the point of care with mobile printing and bar code scanning technology.
  • ID Badges, surveillance cameras, proximity cards for restricted access areas, surgical areas, labs, administration, parking lot access, flexibility to handle visitor access after hours and holidays.
  • Barcode and Label Printer Repair and Maintenance Service
Healthcare and Lab Labeling Applications

Labels Specifically for Healthcare Applications:

  • Cryogenic storage (-80° to 80°)and high humidity applications
  • Blood products labeling - smudge resistant and adheres to soft packaging
  • Test tube labels adhere to the curved surface, glove-friendly and resistant to abrasion and contact with fluids and chemicals
  • Slide labels - protection from contact with fluids, chemicals, moisture, procedures
  • High speed scanning - A high sensitivity I.R. scannable paper for use in high speed thermal printers features a bright white face stock that is top coated for optimum environmental resistance
  • Items subjected to autoclaves, centrifuges, sterilization procedures or chemical exposure
  • Clean-room manufacturing and testing environments