Consumer Products and Cosmetics

cosmetics and beauty

Factors to consider for cosmetics labeling include the multitude of unique container shapes and the need for quality facestock, color, and finishes for a premium look. Make your cosmetics packaging more engaging to attract consumer attention with custom labels from ID Technology. Create appealing labels with print runs from short to long, up to ten colors (process or line color work), UV or laminate, paper or film. High ­quality materials, thin foil lamination, specialized adhesives and selected printing inks offer a high degree of flexibility and distinctive appeal.

We offer labeling for all types and sizes of cosmetic packaging because we carry a large library of custom dies. You can be sure your label will have a tight wrap fit around products with a small circumference (such as lipsticks) or will fit the shape of an irregular jar or container. Our range of solutions for cosmetics labeling can give your product a distinctive look:

  • Transparent films for creating clear labels that resist moisture and condensation
  • White glossy materials for high quality, not smudge-proof labels
  • Metallic or foil materials for labels that are instantly noticeable on a store shelf