Cheese and Dairy


Create labels that appeal to the consumer and influence their decision-making. Our high-quality labels reflect your product and are durable enough to withstand environmental factors that can cause inferior labels to fade or smudge.

As a leading label manufacturer, we understand the factors involved in manufacturing and applying labels to food and beverage packaging. Substrates can include plastic films or containers, glass, waxed carton board, or even the food product itself. Environmental factors can include extreme heat or cold, or dampness, so adhesives must be reliable. We also use certified adhesives that meet FDA standards for labels applied directly onto a food product.
Whatever your cheese and dairy packaging needs are, we offer a complete solution:
  • Pressure sensitive labels, with a variety of substrates and inks that work well on contoured containers.
  • Variety of facestock that match the product's storage conditions, such as wet, damp, or blast freeze.
  • Pre-printed labels with variable information print that can combine text and barcode technologies.